About Bunny

Bunny is a platform which helps people find solutions and connect with local professionals and companies without searching. Get a plumber to your office tomorrow, book to dentist online, compare prices of phone repair services, get quotes from local professionals.

Just tell what problem you have and relax

Time is the only resource you can't get back. Learn something new and earn more, travel more, explore new cities, countries and cultures, finally get time for some of your hobbies, start own business or change your profession.

Just tell what you need and where in 30 seconds, we will deliver analyzed results you really want to receive to your inbox.


We are in the beginning of our long and very challenging journey. We are going to create the most innovative company in Europe with the culture of hunters and innovators which will dictate own standards and compete with biggest companies you know very well. We are going to solve global problems with AI and we are always hungry.

Japanese management system

We are building company for professionals by professionals who know what they need to do, who can be trusted and provide great results for their team. Bunny is not a place for anyone who needs permissions, tasks or managers. Bunny is a place of like-minded professionals who tired of being around the average, passive people.


We are making culture of pro-active, ambitious hunters and true innovators who is addicted to win by all what means necessary, who want to surround themselves with the best of the best as well. We don't need numbers, we are going to be small team but everyone in that team must be a strong Person with deep spirit, ambitions and real world skills in many disciplines and ready to learn, change and adapt every day.


Our brand is strong, serious, neutral, simple and minimal and full of design thinking, empathy, care, clarity, professionalism, support and quality. We always will answer you, help you and you won't be left alone.

Global problems and green energy

Bunny is company which provides services for everyone, solves global problems for billions of people. Nobody would help us, nobody would give us solutions which doesn't exists, it's only up to us to make impact, to help people and our planet.

Act Different

We are building home for best minds who would like to achieve impossible

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