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London, October 1st, 2017
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New Indian-European startup Bunny AI is going to solve your problem

Bunny AI ( is a next generation marketplace for local on demand solutions and is all-in-one platform for small businesses in the age of digital nomads.

Bunny is a virtual assistant in development which tries to understand your problem and connect you with the most relevant offers from local businesses. As simple as asking Siri, “What’s the weather like today?”, Bunny will help millions of people instantly get pricing and other information they need, exactly at that location, wherever they are. Bunny AI will provide a solution to any problem from “I need a nanny for my kid tomorrow evening,” to, “I have broken my phone screen.” Bunny AI will make it easier for small businesses, contractors and freelancers across Europe and India to provide services to the average person looking for providers of essential services.

Small businesses today have many complications providing their services in the modern age. They need a website, social media, analytics, marketing, emails, online payments and so on. It requires setting up and managing a lot of different digital services like Google Analytics, PayPal, Mailchimp or AWS.

Small and individual businesses are the essence of European and Indian economies. Bunny aims to provide a simple all-in-one platform for small businesses on one screen. Bunny is not a competitor to full-featured services, but will provide a good starting point from the one place.

The service will be subscription based, flexible and affordable with an enterprise level B2B monthly subscription. People will see only relevant and transparent offers. Finally, when a business is going to provide services in new categories or expand into another country, all the company will need to do is click a few buttons to expand their reach on the platform.

Founder, former software architect, CEO and CTO Mev-Rael ( said: "For the last years we have seen a huge increase of the online marketplaces for services, mostly RAQ-type (request a quote) marketplaces for home services in specific localities. World is becoming digital and flexible, and in the same time dangerous with fake information and largest Internet companies getting more power. People need transparency, trust, more personal control and freedom, they travel more, work for themselves and especially millennials are addicted to use apps to get any information or help. Markets like Europe and India are very diversive, consists of many cultures and languages. While in India, English is understood almost everywhere, situation in Europe is different. It’s almost impossible to get decent support from local companies in English when you travel across EU. That’s why Bunny AI is going to start from Portugal, which is a top country for travelers in EU, growing it’s own network of service providers and launching across EU countries."

"Finally, Europe, cradle of the whole modern western civilization, once was a land of dreamers, explorers, inventors and India, before being devastated by British rule - once was a largest and most advanced economy in the world for almost two thousand years. With Bunny we want to bring Europe and India to the leading position in technology, and help, and support billions of people in those regions" - Mev-Rael finalized his thoughts regarding the vision of the Bunny.

With open seed funding round, Bunny AI will be presented at Web Summit ( 2017 ALPHA program in Lisbon, Portugal in the beginning of November. Investors and partners may contact Bunny by email (

Follow Bunny on Facebook ( and Twitter ( and if you are interested in becoming co-founder or part of the team, feel free to apply at AngelList (

About Bunny Ltd

Founded in 2017, the vision of Bunny is to become a giant Internet company in the vein of Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu in China. Bunny is building a culture of hunters, innovators and dreamers, uniting the most innovative minds, to research and develop next generation technologies, products and services.

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